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The Best of Ass In Jeans

What is it about a nice ass in a tight pair of jeans? I'll tell you, it's all about the shape of the ass. The better the fit of the jean, the better it shows off the curves of the woman and guys love the look of a nice shapely ass. Whether she's standing straight up or bending over, a nice pair of jeans best shows off what makes a women a women, her curves.

Hug The Curves

Let the jeans hug her hips and you can see can appreciate the distinct shape of her ass. Whether she's an apple bottom, pear shape, tear drop, bubble butt, heart shape, flat or ghetto, our wide selection of models are bound to have what you are looking for.

Let The Curves Fill Them Out

We know there are guys out there that love every shape of the women's ass in jeans so we made this section with no limitations. You will find every kind of ass in this "Best Of" section and as new models come through our doors, we will continue to add to this section. Constant updates make us the biggest and best site around.

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