Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a workout queen that has the rock hard body to prove it! She has an ass that could make you cry, and perky tits that are handfuls of perfection. Watch this sexy brunette stuff her soft bald pussy with her fingers, as deep as they can go!

Sarah Jane's Stats
Location Czech
Age 22
Height 5'6
Figure 28B-23-34
Photosets 4 Photosets
Videos 3 Videos
Zodiac Sign  Leo (The Lion)
Content Rating int(5) Touches Herself

Sarah Jane's Content Rating

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  • Touches Herself
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Kisses Jul 23, 2014 8.7
Naughty Girl Jul 25, 2014 8.6
Red Hair Babe Jul 28, 2014 8.8

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Kisses Jul 22, 2014 8.4
Naughty Girl
Naughty Girl Jul 24, 2014 8.2
Pussy Pleasure
Pussy Pleasure Jul 27, 2014 8.4
Red Hair Babe
Red Hair Babe Jul 29, 2014 7.5