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Sep 14, 2017 0

Anya Olsen

Horny Anya Olsen knows just what her boyfriend Jessy Jones likes in bed. She tries on a bunch of different outfits, each sluttier and more revealing than the last. In between changes of clothes, she caresses her horny body while pinching her hard nipples. Her bare pussy is dripping wet and ready beneath her miniskirt.

Only when she has teased Jessy relentlessly does Anya beckon him closer. Opening her puffy lip mouth, she sucks in his stiffie and starts Hoovering away while stroking his shaft. Then she climbs onto Jessy's dick and kicks off with smooth strokes of her hips as she rides him hard and fast. Turning around so that Jessy can watch the booty shaking show, Anya keeps fucking him before pulling out to stroke her snatch along his length.

Turning onto her side, Anya moans with excitement as Jessy slides back into her landing strip snatch from behind. His long fuck stick is just what this cock craving coed needs to finally get off. Her pulsing pussy walls are the last straw for Jessy's endurance. Pulling out, he covers Anya's breasts and tummy with a shower of pure love.

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