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Apr 7, 2017 61 5

Dana Vega, Lola Bunny

Teen Lola Bunny is new to lesbian love, but her girlfriend Dana Vega is happy to help her out. They start by taking off their shirts so that Lola can learn how to suck on Dana's full boobs and lick her rock hard nipples. Soon they're down to their thongs, where Dana demonstrates how to rub pussy in the best way possible.

Lola is a willing student, and with Dana's guidance it's not long before she is bent over Dana's snatch lapping away at her lover's sweet nectar. Then Dana gets up on her hands and knees to give Lola the opportunity to finger fuck her girlfriend from a new angle. The pressure is perfect, giving Dana exactly what she needs to cum.

As soon as Dana is satisfied with Lola's practice, she rewards her love with a pussy massage. Leaning forward, she runs her tongue up and down Lola's greedy slit, and then backs off as Lola shows her just how she likes it by reaching down to masturbate. That leads to some mutual masturbation as the girls work each other's greedy snatches with their magical fingers, leaving themselves satisfied and sated.

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