Leyla Tender

20 year old newcomer, Leyla Tender, has the innocence you have been waiting for! Her sweet and gentle way of caressing her silky smooth shaved pussy is a breath of fresh air. Leyla has so much to learn and is ready and willing to be naughty just for you!

Leyla Tender's Stats
Location Czech
Age 20
Height 5'3
Figure 32B-25-32
Photosets 4 Photosets
Videos 4 Videos
Zodiac Sign  Leo (The Lion)
Content Rating Plays With Toys

Leyla Tender's Content Rating

  • Topless
  • Pussy-Shy Nude
  • Full Nude
  • Explicit Nude
  • Touches Herself
  • Plays With Toys
  • Blowjobs
  • Sex

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All For You Jul 10, 2013 8.4
Fun With The Wand Jul 12, 2013 8.7
Hip Grinding Jul 14, 2013 8.1
Tender Self Loving Jul 16, 2013 8.5

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