Joleyn Burst

Joleyn Burst is a sexy 19 year old with a tight little body you will want to get your hands on! Joleyn has small perky boobs that are kissed with puffy pink nipples. Watch this petite blonde cutie get down and dirty with her soft bald twat!

Joleyn Burst's Stats
Location Czech
Age 19
Height 5'5
Figure 30B-23-34
Photosets 5 Photosets
Videos 5 Videos
Zodiac Sign  Taurus (The Bull)
Content Rating Sex

Joleyn Burst's Content Rating

  • Topless
  • Pussy-Shy Nude
  • Full Nude
  • Explicit Nude
  • Touches Herself
  • Plays With Toys
  • Blowjobs
  • Sex

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Beautiful Body Jun 10, 2015 9.3
Just Right Jun 11, 2015 8.9
Platinum Blonde Jun 14, 2015 9.3
Skin Tight Jun 15, 2015 8.9

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