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Mar 21, 2019 61 6

Evelin, Kate Rich

Erotic babes Evelin and Kate Rich are two certified nubile young hotties who love to play! They caress each other's boobs through their shirts. Then Evelin grabs a toy that she uses to tantalize Kate's mouth. Lifting Kate's shirt, Evelin goes to work with the toy on Kate's puffy nipples. Dragging Kate to the wall, Evelin again devours her girlfriend with her mouth. She gradually gets to her knees, lifting Kate's miniskirt so she can bury her face at the juncture of Kate's thighs.

Evelin is magical with her mouth, probing with her tongue until she finds Kate's clitoris. Then she turns Kate around and helps her prop her leg on a nearby couch to open her twat up. Bending her neck, she discovers the perfect angle to stiffen her tongue and drive it deep into Kate's slippery twat. Kate loves everything Evelin is doing with her mouth, but she's not about to let her have all the fun. She swaps spots with Evelin and presses her face to Evelin's stomach so she can flick her tongue out and sample some of Evelin's sweet juices.

Evelin lets Kate bring her off, then makes sure both of them have shed their clothes before the second act begins. She urges Kate onto the couch with her knees above her head to create an angle of pleasure that is fully open and vulnerable to sensual delight. Then she climbs over Kate's face and plants her pussy at the perfect height for Kate to eat her out. Leaning forward, Evelin completes the 69 as the girls use their hands and mouths to find the ultimate pleasure one last time. As they bask in the afterglow together, the girlfriends share a final kiss that lets each one taste her own delicious musk.

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